Ilana Michelle Rubin and Lana Schwartz are high school best friends who today create comedy together, which is a sharp contrast to their high school days, when they didn’t create any comedy at all.

As Nanners Comedy, Ilana and Lana do a little bit of everything: Together they create sketch videos, host shows, and will even do some improv for you if you ask nicely. Last summer Ilana and Lana released their first web series, Secrets and Liars, and you can catch their Brooklyn-based variety show My Hometown on a monthly basis. Their videos have been viewed thousands of times around the internet, and you can take a look at them for yourself right here on this site. For two years in a row they've hosted The Annual Chanukahstravaganza at Union Hall — which was been featured in the New York Times — and more recently a televised version of My Hometown was a 2018 Official Selection of the New York Television Festival.

Ilana and Lana are specifically interested in shining a light on issues women face today, but have produced videos about everything from being related to a soccer ball to giving up bread for Passover. They also created a video for The New Yorker that pokes fun at the Breaking Bad fandom.

On the weekend, you can often find Ilana and Lana outstaying their welcome at various Williamsburg coffee shops, or being overfed by their Jewish parents.


Lana Schwartz is a writer who was born, raised, and continues to live in New York City. She was previously a contributor at StarWipe (RIP), and she has also written for Above Average, The Toast, mental_floss, HelloGiggles, and other sites around the internet. You can follow her on Twitter @_lanabelle where she tweets sporadically, or IRL performing with her indie improv teams SEYONCE and The Feds. She is proud to be a writer for the sketch teams Deathbird and 17:38.

By day, Lana is an editorial specialist at an environmental non-profit, so if you ever want to talk about climate change,she would be happy to oblige. Lana hopes that if you are reading this, you're having a wonderful day.



Ilana Michelle Rubin is a writer, stand up comedian, and improviser who often wonders how Drake spends his days off. Her work has been featured on Reductress, Daily Dot, and Play Too Much. In addition to being part of Nanners Comedy, she is also a writer and actor for the web show Deada$$, a parody late night talk show.

She loves Twitter and Instagram much to her own detriment, so please follow her on both platforms (please). Ilana previously worked at MTV, where she gained professional producing experience. During the day you can find Ilana at a well-known tech company whose marketing campaigns you are surely familiar with while she spends her nights honing comedy or watching TV. Depends...

One time in high school, her friends paid her $10 to dance silently for half an hour, and that is something she would happily do again today.